3d modeling your ideas

so you can

3d print your future

Have an idea for a Thing you’d like to make? Here is a process to realize your prototype/finished product:

  1. Conceive of a design for new Thing. Create a sketch with dimensions.
  2. Create a 3d model to make your Thing <- *this is the step I help you with*
  3. Send your 3d model to digital manufacturing machinery, such as a 3d printer.
The first 3 images above show a table design in modeling software. The final is the 3d print.

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About the Layerfied name

L is for Layers. Most 3d printing is done with repeated fusing of layers of 2d images.

a is for Additive. Commercial 3d printing is also known as additive manufacturing (AM).

y is for whY? 3d printing is obscure in our past, but growing at present and firmly in our future. In health, transportation,

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