3d modeling your ideas

so you can

3d print your future

Have an idea for a Thing you’d like to make? Here is a process to realize your prototype/finished product:

  1. Conceive of a design for new Thing. Create a sketch with dimensions.
  2. Create a 3d model to make your Thing <- *this is the step I help you with*
  3. Send your 3d model to digital manufacturing machinery, such as a 3d printer.
The first 3 images above show a table design in modeling software. The final is the 3d print.

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About the Layerfied name

L is for Layers. Most 3d printing is done with repeated fusing of layers of 2d images.a is for Additive. Commercial 3d printing is also known as additive manufacturing (AM).y is for whY? 3d printing is obscure in our past, but growing at present and firmly in our future. In health, transportation,

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