About the Layerfied name

Many, many business owners will understand how agonizingly long it can take to come up with a name for their business that isn’t already taken, or close to one that is. Layerfied is no exception – it took weeks! Since this name was chosen to celebrate the very nature of 3d printing, I’ve expanded on it to show many little aspects of it that are so appealing. I hope you enjoy some of its benefits, too.

L is for Layers. Most 3d printing is done with repeated fusing of layers of 2d images; sometimes this is done with Lasers.

a is for Additive. Commercial 3d printing is also known as additive manufacturing (AM). Its an Alternative to subtractive methods, which often result in a high percentage of waste. This can be used to great Advantage, saving time and money.

y is for whY? 3d printing is obscure in our past, but growing at present and firmly in our future. In health, transportation, food (yes, food!), fashion. Yours, mine, the dog’s. Read on to find out how.

e is for Everyone, as in everyone can benefit from it in some way. It really Expands your beliefs about the possibilities you may Experience in life. Who isn’t Enchanted the first time they see the process? It really gets me Excited for the future.

r is for (shameless throwback to the ’80s) “Radical!” although Reuse applies here too. Unsintered/unmelted powders that are deposited in AM processes can be reused. Over and over. How rad is that? Pretty rad. Resourceful, too.

f is for Fashion (what else?) and Fast, new designs/tweaks can be created faster than with traditional manufacturing methods. In my most humble opinion, I find this a most Fascinating method to forge the Future, *now*.

i is for Innovative. New business models, product designs, product replacement and Improvements are all possible because of 3d printing. In fact, the manufacture of some items are made possible only because of 3d printing. This is great news for Inventors.

e is for Economic. It makes economic sense to produce things in small batches, on demand, locally, rather than shipping something others may not want or need. This is particularly true in rural areas, any place not close to a port/highway. In some cases it reduces delivery time, which can save lives in an operating room. It may not make sense for making everything right now, but there is less pollution created because what is transported is raw materials that travel far fewer miles to their final destination, taking up less warehouse/shelf space than finished goods. Manufacturers that ignore this or delay its adoption do so at their peril.

d is for Disruptive, and Dynamic … and of course, Dimension. 3dp is not only changing the way things are made, but enabling the creation of things that cannot be made with other methods, especially in Dentistry.


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